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The ECO-PUCK sold in bulk is made of 100% hardwood sawdust.   The ECO-PUCK does not contain any bark or derivatives of the sawing industry such as melamine, treated wood, wooden pallets, ect...  and this compressed puck does not contain any binding agent such as wax, paraffin or glue.  An environmentaly friendly log.



The ECO-PUCK will produce an ambiant fire which will generate a considerable amount of heat.   The different size of logs facilitate it's combustion.



SHAPE:  The ECO-PUCK is an assortment of round or octogonal logs


  • diameter:  may vary from 7.5cm (3 inches) up to 10cm (4 inches)
  • lenght:  may vary from 7.5cm (3 inches) up to 27cm (11 inches)
  • weight:  may vary from .37kg (.81 lbs) up to 1.37kg (3 lbs)

HEAT OUTPUT:  7500 BTU per lbs

BURNING TIME:  up to 3hrs (depending on burning unit) almost creosote free

PACKAGING:  The ECO-PUCK are packaged in a big polyprolene bag or in boxes.  Each bag of skid of boxes varies in weight.  Each skid average between 6 to 8 eco-kord per skid.  So each skid will be sold depending of content (ex.  7.2 eco-kord X $ = final price).

USE:  This ECO-PUCK can be used in any type of fireplace, insert, slow combustion stove, etc...  Can also be used indoor and outdoor for camping or BBQ for cooking.