Ecological Log Advantage


  • Ecological firewood
  • Made of only wood residue, 100% guaranteed;
  • influences in a positive way, the reduction of the production of greenhouse gas;
  • up to 58% less polluting particles in the air compared to cordwood;
  • less tar and less ash production;
  • reduction of the smog effect;
  • less carbon monoxide 50% less smoke visible;
  • recognize energy;
  • protect the environment because no trees are cut;
  • one skid of our logs represents 12 mature trees in a forest that we save;
  • our firewood practices the 3 R's - reduce, reuse and recycle.


  • Ecological wood has a water content from 6%-8% compared with the traditional wood which has 35% and more nowadays.
  • High performance yields a clean combustion, nice hot flames leave the glass of your fireplace clean and clear;
  • Our logs can release up to three times more heat, which produces approximately 300% more BTU's than ordinary wood due to its high compression, its low humidity content and the quality of the dry hardwood used in its manufacturing.
  • The consistent quality and performance is assured with each season you are certain of having quality wood, thus giving you peace of mind.


  • Our ecological wood gives you energy without crackle and does not throw sparks;
  • practically creosote free, due to its low humidity content thus reducing chimney fire;
  • during combustion our logs need little supervision. Because of this, controlling the fire is made easier.


  • You get the warmth of a hot fire without the inconvenience.
  • Finish with the backaches, the dirt, molds and insects;
  • Easy to store, easy to handle and easy to light;
  • Available year round, no need to order a year in advance and having the worry of cutting, splitting and stacking then letting it dry.
  • Easy delivery to meet your needs year round with a consistent product.
  • Practical and polyvalent, they are great for burning in fireplaces, chimenas and wood stoves. They are safe for cooking with BBQ's, campfires and in restaurant brick ovens.