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If you are looking for a clean, practical and efficient firewood then you have come to the right place. Here at Ecolution Canada, we are about your comfort as well as saving the Earth. Our ecological fire log is environmentally friendly with 100% of the energy efficient firewood and the reduction of pollution by 58%; you can feel good about burning our ecological fire log.

Ecolution Canada is environmentally Friendly

Our clean burning ecological fire log is made up of 100% hardwood sawdust or 100% Flax Shive with no additives! Your choice in a quality fire log which releases up to 58% less pollutant particles in the air with none of the creosote of firewood.

Ecolution Canada is efficient

Our densified compressed ecological fire log have shown to be roughly 35% to 45% more effective in producing heat and keeping he temperature comfortably and burns hotter and longer than conventional firewood.

Ecolution Canada is practical

Said good by to the back ache associated with conventional firewood. You can also say good bye to the dirt, mold, bugs, chopping, stacking, and hauling of conventional firewood. Plus, our ecological logs take up 1/3 less the space and our ecological firewood logs are available year round and can be used in all types of stoves, fireplaces, and slow combustions.

Ecolution Canada is the new generation of firewood. Our ecological fire logs offer you all of the advantages of regular wood without the inconveniences and additional pollutants.