The Viagreen Log

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The highest performance long lasting ecological log on the market.

Up to 15.5 hours of burn time tested by OMNI LAB

Esclusive to Ecolution, the VIAGREEN long lasting log has and will revolutionize the ecological firelog market.  It's innovative and patented process makes this log unique. 

The VIAGREEN log is a 100% natural biomass densified firelog with no glue, wax, resins of any kind.  Our log is made from an annually renewable agricultural bi-product derived from the flax plant.



The VIAGREEN log is perfect for daytime use when you are at work or at night when you are sleeping.   The long lasting log burns with a brilliant flame for 3 to 4 hours and then continues to radiate heat in the form of red hot coals with a total burn tim of up to 15.5 hours ready to start another fire.



SHAPE:  The VIAGREEN firelog is a cylindrical log


  • diameter:  10cm / 4 inches
  • lenght:  24cm / 11 inches
  • weight:  2.2kg / 4.85 lbs
  • humidity: 2.6%
  • ash:  - 3.2%

HEAT OUTPUT:  38,900 BTU per log (8644 BTU per lbs)

BURNING TIME:  up to 15.5 hrs per log (OMNI-LAB tested) depending on burning unit.   Almost creosote free

PACKAGING:  Packaged in a box of 8 logs at not extra charge.  This prevents damaging the logs and keeps it dry until you are ready to burn.

USE:  This firelog can be used in any type of fireplace, insert, slow combustion stove, etc...  Can also be used indoor and outdoor for camping or BBQ for cooking.