10 Reasons to Purchase Ecological Logs

1. Energy that respects the environment

The Ecolution ecological log comes from recycling by-products from the wood industry. Its production supports the intelligent management of waste. Its high performance gives a 'clean' combustion without harming the planet: less tar, less ash, less polluting emissions. The Ecolution ecological log thus helps to protect the environment.


2. Energy that performs

Thanks to its very high level of heating power, Ecolution ecological logs answer all your needs for heating with wood. Its density, superior to traditional wood, gives you an advantage: you reduce the storage volume by three times, compared to conventional wood.


3. Energy that warms

Its combustion is comparable to that of conventional wood. You benefit from the flames much more than before, since its combustive quality leaves the glass of your fireplace clear. You benefit from its heat for your great pleasure.


4. Energy that is safe

The Ecolution ecological wood doesn't crackle. During combustion the Ecolution ecological log needs little supervision. Because of this, controlling the fire is made easier.


5. Energy that is practical

Its form and condition make it easier to stock and use. The measurement and regularity of the Ecolution ecological log also makes it easier to handle.


6. Energy that saves money

The consistent quality and performance of Ecolution ecological logs gives you control over your heating budget with the possibility of ordering as needed.


7. Energy that's readily available

The Ecolution ecological logs bring you flexibility in your supplies. Each season you are certain of having quality wood, immediately accessible, in the best condition.


8. Energy for today

The Ecolution ecological log is perfectly adapted to your lifestyle:

no more storage problems, easy delivery to meet your needs year round.


9. Energy for many uses

Whatever your heating appliance, you will be thrilled by the Ecolution ecological logs; wood stove, insert, closed fireplace, slow combustion stove, boiler, and even open fire pit, barbecue, etc. Keep your existing equipment, no need for special installations.


10. Energy that makes sense

All you have to do is try it, and you'll be convinced that Ecolution ecological wood is the ideal heating wood, and the energy source of tomorrow.