Our Vision

Ecological Firelog - An ecological living by using a densified compressed log.

Choose an ecological firelog the next time you order - you'll be glad you did!


Why choosing an ecological firelog? What are the advantages in creating a densified compressed log?

Wood is so full of ecological richness that it is easy to understand why the material has been used since the beginning of mankind and still is used today. The best gift we could leave behind for future generations would be the collective respect and awareness for the planet's needs, resources and health.

That means leading the way into the development of a responsible management of our human resources and supporting the harmony and balance of the world. The use of wood is not only about taking. It is also about giving back all the essential resources that the forest needs for creating sustainability and durability.


By using an ecological firelog, we have taken up the challenge and we invite you to join us.


Join us by practicing a life of reasonable consumption and applying the "3 Rs":

  • Reduce
    By using the ecological firelog you reduce the consumption of the forests
  • Reuse
    Our ecological firelog is created by reusing wood. By creating a densified compressed log of sawdust from 100% natural hard wood, we are using the materials we have been given.
  • Recycle
    When materials are being reused and recycled the earth will be a better and more ecological place for our children.

Using us will give you the benefit of knowing that you are doing something great for the earth and your fellow man. You are helping reduce pollution and deforestation by choosing us as your supplier for firewood.

Letting us help you also means better quality for a lesser price. You will be getting your wood directly from the manufacturers warehouse, giving you a big economical advantage.


Ecolution ecological wood offers you:

  • energy that respects the environment since no trees are cut
  • renewable energy
  • inexpensive and reliable energies

Try it and be convinced!

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Revolution in heating and the beauty of a wood fireplace without imitation. Think ecological!