Frequently Asked Questions

Is any treated timber used?

No. Only 100% clean pure hardwood.


Can you use them will regular firewood?

Yes. You can use them in conjunction with split hardwood.


How dry are the logs?

They are 6% moisture. Split dry hardwood is usually around 25% to 35%.


Are they east to light?

Yes. They are so dry, theyare easier to light than split wood, especially with the included fire starter.


Can you cook over them?

Yes. Since there are no chemical or unnatural product used in our log.


Do they burn fast?

No. Because of their density and low humidity, it burns much longer than a conventional log.


Do they spark?

No. Our firelogs do not throw sparks.


How should they be stored?

They should be kept completely dry. They cannot be exposed to water. Being package in boxes makes it easy to store.


Do they produce coals?

Yes. Our logs will produce very hot coals, great for cooking over.


Do they leave alot of ash?

No. The pure hardwoods used burn very efficiently, so there is much less ash than split hardwood.


What if I have a broken log?

They can be used as a whole log by placing the pieces together or they can be used in smaller pieces.


Can they be used in an air-tight high efficient stove?

Yes. They can be used in any stove or fireplace, just like regular split wood.


Will they be available all year round?

Yes they will be available all year round.