Top Secret Chimney Sweeping Log

The TOP SECRET LOG is designed to be used between each sweeping.   This will help keep your flue safe and cleaner.   It's inside core contain the to secret incgredient. 


What is creosote?

Wood combustion produces soot and tar that coats your flue.   Over time a strong and very flammable crust called creosote builds up and can ignite at any time and cause a chimney fire.   The accumulation of creosate progressively blocks the flue which reduces the effeciency of the heating appliance, making ignition more difficult.   May create smoke backup and generate smoky odours in your home. 


How the TOP SECRET LOG work

Controlling creaosaote buildup by burning the TOP SECRET LOG regularly will give you peace of mind for a minimal fee.   The TOP SECRET LOG eliminates a large part of the creosote du to it's laboratory tested catalytisaction.   Because the TOP SECRET LOG will make your creosote more fiable, this will help make the brushing easier and more efficient.   This log should be used as a complimentary to the mechanical sweeping.