The Infernal Log

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  • From 100% recycled materials
  • A 10 lbs log (4.54kg)
  • 115,000 BTU per log (11,500 BTU per lbs)
  • Provides 5 + hours of amazing warmth.

Exclusive to Ecolution

10 years in the making and a breakthrough in green energy (100% recycled materials)

Independently laboratory tested at 115,000 BTU per log (11,500 BTU per lbs) making it one of the best heat ratio log on the market.

The log is patent process to create a clean and efficient energy up to 5 + hours.  It burns 78% cleaner than split wood with 78% less carbon monoxide.



This log will produce 5 + hours of heat you can’t beat.  115,000 BTU per log surpassing by far all other ecological log.   Will also give you a full blown spectacle of dancing flames with its three holes acting as vortex catalytic convertors.



Weight:  10lbs

Ash:   1, 1% or less ash content

Heat Output:   115,000BTU per log (11,500 BTU per lbs)

Burning time:   up to 5 + hours, burning cleaner, longer, hotter.

Packaging:   For the moment it will be sold in bulk in different quantity packages.

Use:  This fire log can be used in any type of fireplace, insert, slow combustion stove, etc...  Can also be used indoor or outdoor for camping or BBQ for cooking.